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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news from ocean county tonight. two young children seriously hurt after a car slammed into them. this is happening on river avenue in edgewood court in lakewood. this is a picture from the lakewood scoop tonight. there you can see in the middle a stroller lying in the street. police are telling us the car also hit an adult. no word on his or her condition but we'll bring you updates on air and on the nbc news 10 app. tonight at 11:00, the funeral director speaks. he's explaining why police found decomposing bodies inside his building which investigators call an unlicensed funeral home. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. this is the second time in a week police found rotting corpses belonging to funeral
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homes in this city. nbc 10's george spencer has been working the story from west philadelphia all evening long. george, some of the details are very graphic but the funeral director telling you it's all a misunderstanding? >> reporter: jim, that is his claim, but there are major and lingering questions about his handling of these three bodies and late this evening we also confirmed in igs to the bodies investigators here discovered a bag of human organs, apparently cast aside like trash. nbc 10 cameras were on scene as philadelphia police returned to this funeral home tonight. they've been active here since the discovery of three unrefrigerated bodies inside. two of them, investigators say, non-embalmed and decomposing. >> that's being irresponsible. as a funeral home, it's being irresponsible. >> china furgess is a neighbor who had relatives buried by the
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previous tenants, apparently kimball funeral home and later gaither. hawkins funeral services set up shop here recently and police say even though its director has a license, the home does not. you have a responsibility to care for the dead as you're supposed to. you shouldn't cut corners in situations like this and use a building that has been out of business for some time. >> reporter: what's going on with these bodies. >> i'm a licensed funeral director. >> reporter: director blare hawkins told us it was a misunderstanding. he says missing death certificates are paperwork delays and claims refrigeration is not a requirement in this case. >> the bodies we have paperwork, they're going to be created. they're authorized. >> reporter: why aren't they refrigerated? >> we don't refrigerate bodies being cremated. >> reporter: police say refrigeration is required and tell us one of the bodies found here may not even belong to this funeral home. neighbors think of the families impacted. can you assure people you are
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taking proper care of these bodies? >> oh, yes, yes. i have proper paperwork and authorization authorizations. >> the medical examiner has been removing those three bodies from those this funeral home over the past 30 minutes or so. in addition to the funeral director who we interviewed, police have also spoken to the property owner of this funeral home, charges of abuse of a corpse are possible in this case. in west philadelphia, i'm george spencer. today's discovery comes a week after three bodies were found decomposing inside this garage in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. records show the funeral homeowner was licensed but her funeral home was not. let's go back to breaking news now from ocean county where sky force 10 has just arrived on the scene here. this is where two young children have been seriously injured after a car slammed into them.
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you see debris in the road. sky force 10 live on river avenue and edgewood court in lakewood. police are telling us the car also hit an adult. we have no word on his or her condition. officers say the driver stayed on the scene. at 11:00, a lawyer charged with raping his own client. vincenter er icirillo, jr., fa charges tonight. a woman called police saying cirillo attacked her. no one answered when nbc 10 stopped by his office in norristown today. the prosecutor's office says cirillo appeared before a judge and was released after posting $100,000 bail. new tonight, nearly 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails from her time as secretary of state have now been released. about 150 of those e-mails were censored because they have information now considered classified. state department officials say that information was not identified as classified at the time clinton sent or received
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the messages on her private e-mail server. in just 30 minutes. chris christie is bringing his presidential bid to late night television. the new jersey governor will appear on the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. jimmy asked the governor about his republican rivals. >> no you're running but i didn't know donald trump was running and he is just going out and yelling and saying stuff. i thought that was going to be your thing. [ laughter ] >> you have to get used to the way campaigns get back and forth and move around. >> this krb christie's first visit since joining the race. the "tonight show" airs after nbc 10 news at 11:00. tomorrow president obama will put his survival skills to the test. he'll tape a special episode of "running wild with bear grylls which airs right before this newscast." the president will join bear for a trip through the alaskan wilderness whether they will highlight the effects of climate change. president obama will also attend the glacier conference tomorrow. he'll talk about climate change
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and drilling for oil in the arctic. and nbc 10 along kelly drive in fa fairmount park we saw people exercising when the sun is down. good idea, tomorrow could make this a heat wave. sheena, how hot will it get tomorrow? >> jim, we'll be in the 90s once again. today we hit 90 in philadelphia so, yes, the best time to exercise not during those peak hours, outside of those peak hours. average high for this time of year is 383 degrees. yesterday we got to 91. today we got to 90. tomorrow we expect to be in the low 90s. that would be a heat wave. heat wave number five this season. and for the rest of the week it will feel like summer for this last unofficial week of summer. for tomorrow, a warm humid start the day, temperatures in the mid-70s. plenty of sunshine and by noon already in about the mid to upper 80s, we'll look at how
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long the hot streak is going to continue and have an early look at your labor day weekend forecast no matter where you're headed. that's straight ahead. >> all right, sheena. we are just 25 days away now from the pope's visit to philadelphia and tomorrow morning mayor michael nutter and officials will be holding a news conference to provide the area with another update on the event. today the open nphl campaign made a splash in center city. they said the campaign was not a reaction to some businesses saying they may close their doors during the papal weekend. the mayor tells us they're expecting from between one to 1.5 million people for the event but mayor nutter claims new jersey officials are way off base with estimates of 10,000 tour buses to transport visitors her here. >> completely wrong. that's never a number anyone talked about. >> reporter: today marks the deadline for the tour buses to register with the world meeting of families. and you can prepare for the pope
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with the nbc 10 news app. it's your one stop for mass transit information and road closures. you'll also find the papal itinerary, including where you can see pope francis. the nbc 10 news app is a free download on nbc a public viewing will be held for darryl dawkins in the lehigh valley. they can pay their respects at st. paul's lutheran church from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. the man known as chocolate thunder died of a heart attack last week. dawkins is known for pioneering the slam dunk. after his playing days, he went on to coach at lehigh community college. he was 58 years old. >> tonight some closure for a philadelphia family who lost their two-year-old son in a deadly hit-and-run. 22-year-old miguel colon turned himself into philadelphia police headquarters today. police say he was behind the wheel of a car that hit david alicea and his mother josephine
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rivera in april in kensington. rivera was critically hurt but she recovered. her son died of his injuries three days later. we spoke to rivera tonight. >> i don't even know what to say. for real, i don't. you know, i'm happy he's behind bars now. now that you're not run nothing more and now my baby can rest in peace now, you know? i finally have justice for my son. >> reporter: it was last week the city offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to colon's arrest. the man accused in a hit-and-run crash that killed an off duty philadelphia police tonight is charged with murder. a judge set 59-year-old louis vagwell's bail at a half million dollars. help hit officer lamar pool riding his motorcycle in oxford circle late yesterday afternoon. a tow truck driver followed vagwell and boxed him in until police arrived. next week, supporters plan to rally for pennsylvania's top lawyer saying they're fighting back against state officials
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trying to force her from office. kathleen kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury information to a philadelphia newspaper and like about it under oath. kane says she did nothing wrong. she's hired a lawyer to look into disciplinary matters for her. she wouldn't say whether the state supreme court is moving towards suspending her law license. the national organization for women is slamming philadelphia's d.a. after two prosecutors were caught sending pornographic e-mails from state computers. the report was released after a request from kane. she says frank fina and mark costanza rigged charges against her. the two now work for philadelphia d.a. seth williams. he says he's weighing action against them. tomorrow a catholic school on the main line will give parents the chance to weigh in on a teacher's firing because of her same-sex marriage. the meeting is at 7:00 p.m. earlier this month we told you walter and mercy academy in
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marion sent a letter to parents offering them a chance to talk about the firing of margie winters. she was let go from the school in july. in the letter, officials thanked winters for her many contributions over the years. from the nbc 10 jersey shore news bureau tonight, tomorrow the 2016 miss america festivities get under way in atlantic city. all 505-2 contestants will hit the board walk for an arrival ceremony in the afternoon and then will attend a welcome dinner the evening. there are a number of events leading up to the crowning of a new miss america sunday, september 13. turning to the casino crisis. today marks a year since the show boat casino and hotel closed its doors for good in atlantic city. a year later, its doors still remain closed and a. c.'s unemployment rate is nearly 9%, the highest in the state. but most of the resort's surviving gaming halls are on the upswing and today stockton university announced it's received several proposals of interests in the show boat site.
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the school's acting president says he hopes to sell the property in the near future. bryn mawr college, an honor for the first african-american alumna today. they announced the opening of the enid cook' 31 center, a residential space that will serve as the black cultural center there. when cook attended bryn mawr, she was denied on campus housing and lived off campus with a local family. today students of color make up 31% of the school's student population. temperatures heating up. starting our next heat wave. how long this hot, humid weather will last. plus an early look at your holiday weekend. a family flag taken from in front of their home. why it meant so much to the family it was ripped from. plus, the new child safely law going into effect tomorrow for new jersey drivers.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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♪ say you'll never let me go >> beyonce will be the headliner saturday night while the weekend will do the honors sunday night. other performers you can expect to see at the festival include modest mouse, big sean and jay coal. we have a full lust of performers right now on the nbc 10 mobile app. at 11:00, an irish flag stolen right off a family's front porch. we're about to show you surveillance video that could help police find that flag and the guy who took in the delaware county. as keith jones reports, this flag has sentimental value that goes beyond the family's heritage. >> reporter: this is what the culprit did. he walked across the front lawn here, grabbed the pole up on this stand and ripped it out, taking the flag with it is. trouble for him, though, the is it was caught on surveillance camera. an empty slot, a mangled flagpole. part of it discarded? >> the flag sits low enough that it catches your face. >> reporter: this morning mark
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dockerty said the flag was gone. he showed us the security cameras. >> you can see him coming up from the bottom of the hill. >> reporter: night vision captures the culprit wear shorts and a t-shirt. >> he cried to unscrew it. >> so the guy i can't thinked harder, twisting the poll until it snaps. you can see the suspect run off. >> it hurts, it really does. >> reporter: they call it a senseless crime. the flag meant so much. mark's father paul brought two. >> it had a lot of meaning to us as a family. >> reporter: the flag bearing the family crest dates back decades started with this man, paul's father. >> any type of holiday he had that flag out and when he was buried this year we folded that up, had that on the casket. >> reporter: now it's gone. tonight aston police are looking over the surveillance video hoping you know may mo who this is and where this family's flag could be. >> we just want it back.
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we're not looking to press charges or go further if we can get it back. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. from our nbc 10 delaware bureau, a mother took matters into her own hands after her daughter's bus driver was late and got lost on the katarina paveza was almost two hours late. her bus was late picking her up then when she was on the bus she realized the driver was lost and call her mom for help. >> i was thinking does this bus driver know where she's going? she would keep pulling over and look down. i think she was looking at a gps or something and she said "ear still on the bus, mommy." i said "where are you?" she said "near pennsylvania." >> katarina's mom chased down the bus. school officials confirmed the bus driver got lost but worked with her to know her route going
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forward. tomorrow, tougher new child safety seat rules go into in effect the garden state, the rules affect kids up to eight years old in new jersey. among the changes you need to know, children under the age of two who also weigh less than 30 pounds must sit in a rear-facing safety seat that's equipped with a five-seat harness. police say they don't normally go looking for child seat violations but if you're stopped, you'll likely get a stiffer fine. a hot start to the week and this continues our hot weekend. we hit the low 90s yesterday, today we hit 90 degrees so we are tracking heat wave number five. f we hit 90 tomorrow which we expect to. and a dry stretch of weather basically as we go through the entire week until about the end of the week then we'll watch for any showers. labor day weekend weather, i have that forecast for you, whether you are heading to the shore, the poconos or staying around the philadelphia area. now, tomorrow morning around
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8:00 this is what you'll be waking up to. mostly sunny skies through the allentown area, 70 degrees. 2 for reading. there's a chance there could be patchy fog through lehigh valley. 27 in pottstown, 75 for 8:00 a.m. temperatures in philadelphia. mid-70s south jersey and delaware. so a warm and muggy morning. this is the reason why we're going to stay hot and dry as we go through the rest of the week. big area of high pressure off to the west and that's going to remain in control as we end out the week. so this is going to give us hot temperatures staying in the 90s and very small rain chances. even as we go into friday for the rest of the week, we are looking mostly dry. here's future weather as we go into tuesday. mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the low 90s. there's a chance there could be an isolated shower but most of us will stay dry. through's through tomorrow afternoon. we'll be hot into wednesday so this could be longer than a three day heat wave.
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so we benz we stay hot and dry and the pattern will repeat itself until we get into the weekend. tomorrow a hot humid day, temperatures in the low 90s, mostly sunny. your labor day weekend forecast, for the philadelphia area, sunshine saturday and sunday, highs around 87. labor day monday closer to 90. the poke owes look good. mostly sunny through most of your weekend there, around 80 degrees and your shore forecast looks good, too. humidity will be low they are weekend also so that should help us feel nicer. low 80s along the shore. until we get there it will stay hot and humid. next chance of rain looks like friday. we'll watch that as it gets closer. either way, pretty good over the next seven days. feeling like summer. danny? coming up, whitey bulger riley cooper is not concerned
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with his lack of production and barwin does his part to give a local part new life. that story coming up.
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i'm danny pommells. the eagles offense has lit up the scoreboard but one veteran has been absent. riley cooper has zero catch this is pre-season and played in 16 snaps against the packers. he was practiced today with a groin injury and dealt with a thumb injury but he's not too concerned with his lack of production. >> honestly, i never thought about this until y'all brought it to my attention. it's pre-season, dude. we're 3-0, we're killing people.
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i mean i've played like two quarter this is whole time. but i'm not worried about it. i will not have any targets this game. i will not play, but i'm superexcited. i'm ready to rock and roll. i'm feeling great. eagles linebacker connor barwin helped cut the ribbon on the park in point breeze. he thread charge to revitalize the park which has basketball courts, gardens and a gaming terrace. don't miss the eagles final pre-season game here on nbc 10 thursday night. it's the eagles and jets kickoff at 7:00, our coverage begins at 6:30. nfl commissioner roger goodell and patriots quarter back tom brady were back in a new york city courtroom today but no settlement could be reached between the two parties regarding brady's four game suspension for a the deflate gadeflategate scandal. high school football is back. we want you to choose our game of the week.
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ryan versus judge, imhotep at gratz and lasalle versus north penn. those nbc and cast your vote. we'll have our high school blitz of highlights for you this friday night. check this out. according to james salisbury, michel franco will take a step towards his recovery from a broken wrist when he steps into the batting cage wednesday. phillies hosting the mets. jared ikoff cruising like smokey robinson until this. the mets take the lead. later in the evening curtis granderson standing in and good-bye. this goes to right. a two two-run shot. mets win their 10th straight over the phillies. 3-1 the finals. finally, check out this catch from the rays/orioles game. manny machado spanks one to deep center but kevin keirmeyer, get it, young man.
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incredible grab to rob a homer. not too shabby. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is up next and you'll see a familiar face on the set. jimmy? guys we're here with presidential candidate governor chris christie, victoria johnson, gary clark, jr. it's a great show. >> a lot of laughter there. but we're not laughing too much about this heat wave we're enduring. >> well unless you wanted it to feel like summer for the last unofficial week of summer so, yeah, labor day weekend is coming up, a lot of people, i'm sure, heading to the shore, the poconos, you have to get outside because pretty soon it will get a little too cool. we don't want to think about that yet. but we have a heat wave in the forecast, tomorrow would make that official. low 90s. 90s for the rest of the week. really going is the weekend it
11:31 pm
looks good. average high 38. we'll stay above that all the way through your labor day weekend. it will feel like summer. >> that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. for sheena and all of us here, thanks for watching, having a great night. see you tomorrow.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- governor chris christie, victoria justice, musical guest gary clark jr.


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